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It all started with travel, a lot of travel, visiting new places and local restaurants, tasting local specialties. That’s how we became interested in and involved with wine. Over time – and with excellent wine – our preferences evolved. The two of us effortlessly transitioned from our usual supermarket favorite to superior wine sold in specialized boutiques; for example, a grand cru that, no matter how dusty the bottle it came from might have been, tasted angelically refreshing. That’s when we truly discovered the marvelous world of natural wines: wild, uninhibited, and guaranteed anti-boredom, made in harmony with nature and in accordance with a minimal intervention philosophy.

Once our house was filled with wine souvenirs and trophies from all over Europe, it dawned on us that the path we had been walking for a while had led to a new calling in life – namely, popularizing the virtue of curiosity, the courage to try a new taste, and the willingness to explore the splendid possibilities of nature. This idea, coupled with the constant absence of natural wines in cafes and restaurants, the lack of choice on the wine menu, motivated if not forced us to import such wines ourselves.

Enough said and complained, by the way. We prefer to drink wine rather than talk about it; snobbery and stubbornness have no place here because we believe that we shouldn’t take ourselves too pompously seriously when it comes to the contents of our glass. It’s much better to take serious pleasure in it.

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