Filip Koletnik, the mastermind behind Atimo wines, left a prestigious position at a German multinational to pursue his true passion: winemaking. However, he prefers not to take credit for his wines, considering Mother Nature as the true author behind their creation. Operating across mostly in Slovenia, but also in Austria and Croatia, Koletnik acts as an ambassador bridging the wine regions, with a permanent residence in Kranj, central Slovenia. He works currently with Malvazia and Rebulla grapes from small organic and biodynamic vineyards of Goriška Brda.

At Atimo, the focus is on minimal intervention winemaking, allowing the grapes to speak for themselves. Harvested meticulously by hand, only the healthiest and ripest grapes make it into Koletnik’s wines. No added yeasts, minimal to zero sulfur, and no filtration are key tenets of his natural winemaking approach.

The label of Atimo wines, adorned with captivating vintage artistic nude photography by a Slovenian August Berthold (beginning of the 20th century), reflects the uniqueness of the wine within. Koletnik’s vinification process remains consistent across all his wines, regardless of the region of origin, emphasizing terroir expression and minimal manipulation.

Vinification involves maceration in used wooden tonneaux barrels for up to nine months, followed by aging on lees in oak barrels for a minimum of 12 months. The wines are bottled without fining or filtration, preserving their natural character and complexity. With production limited to less than 4,000 bottles per year, each Atimo wine is a testament to Koletnik’s dedication to crafting vibrant, full-bodied wines that embody the essence of their origins.

Through Atimo, Filip Koletnik aims to showcase the beauty and potential of humble, natural winemaking, celebrating the intrinsic qualities of the grape and the unique terroir of each region. Whether it’s the Goriška Brda region in Slovenia or Istria in Croatia, Atimo wines capture the essence of their surroundings with every sip.


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