Ramón Saaverda’s family owned a humble vineyard, crafting wine for personal enjoyment. But he himself at first chose another path and was working as a seasonal chef for 15 years along the Costa Brava. Ramón’s unexpected return to his roots in the village of Cortes y Graena, a desert town in Granada, marked the beginning of a profound winemaking journey. Taking charge of his family’s vineyard and planting an additional 4 hectares at the base of Sierra Nevada, all above 1000 m altitude on the north-facing slopes combating the region’s day heat and cool nights to a harmonious balance. The alluvial, iron-rich soils, cultivated with precision, combined with dry farming and pesticide-free practices, allowed the terroir’s essence to shine.
Ramón aspired to create wines embodying the terroir’s distinctive fusion of ripe fruit and structural acidity. Bodega Cauzón, translating to “land of sand” in Arabic, embodied the Moorish history in this Spanish region.

Since 1999, Ramón embraced organic practices in the vineyard, and this commitment seamlessly extended to the cellar. His winemaking philosophy shunned conventional interventions—native yeast fermentations, no filtration, fining, or additives, not even sulfur. Ramon is pretty radical about the theme of additives. He is also one of the founders of the natural wine association of Spain and is partly in charge of organizing the annual natural wine fairs in Barcelona en Madrid, where all the participants must fully refuse any supplements in their wines.

For many years he was only using stainless steel vessels for aging of his wines, but from 2023 on the barrels are being again step by step implemented in the cellar.


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