Jörg Bretz, a Bavarian-Franconian native, embarked on an extraordinary winemaking journey. He followed wine-growing training in Franken and then studied Viticulture and Enology at the University for Viticulture in Geisenheim, Germany, afterwards gained a lot of practical experience in Germany: in the Rheingau – Künstler Winery, Schloss Reinhartshausen Winery, Schloss Schönborn Winery, in Ortenau – Markgraf von Baden Winery, in Switzerland, South Tyrol – Elena Walch, Tuscany, Austria –Willi Bründlmayer Winery, Gernot Heinrich Winery and in South Africa – Kaapzicht Estate. During those years he observed and learned different wine cultures and approaches of winemaking, and that helped him to form his very own clear idea of making wines and what approach and philosophy should be behind.

Finally he settled in Höflein, Carnuntum, Austria, in the mid-2000s, first buying grapes, and from 2005 on working his own 4,5 hectares of vineyards. Unlike the conventional winemaking approach prevalent in modern times, Jörg’s wines are an embodiment of patience and dedication. They defy quick production and consumption trends, instead undergoing spontaneous fermentations, long maceration periods and natural clarifications in barrels, followed by years of maturation. Jörg’s meticulous process allows the wines to unfold naturally, reflecting the essence of indigenous grape varieties with minimal intervention.

Jörg’s philosophy revolves around working in harmony with nature, allowing the vines to express their character authentically. He cultivates a diverse range of grape varieties, including Chardonnay, Grüner Veltliner, Pinot Noir, and Blaufränkisch, among others. His commitment to producing wines for various occasions and moods underscores his holistic approach to winemaking.

From his urban cellar, constructed in 2012 with a focus on open design and gravity-driven operations, Jörg crafts wines that captivate the senses. These wines, characterised by honesty, steadfastness, and complexity, offer a unique narrative of the vine and the soil.


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