Podversic’s journey began with a dream—a dream to reclaim and revitalize old vineyards in the hills of Gorizia. From a small plot purchased on Monte Calvario to six hectares of vineyards today, his commitment to biodynamic practices and natural winemaking is unwavering.
Damijan Podversic’s winemaking journey is rooted in a deep connection to nature. Understanding the nuances of the land, its colors, scents, and cycles, is fundamental. The heart of his craft lies in the vineyards, where the interplay of great terroir, diverse grape varieties, and mature seeds shapes the essence of his wines.

Ponca, the soil of Podversic’s vineyards, comprises marl and sandstone, ideal for viticulture due to its water retention properties and mineral-rich character.
Damijan seeks the ultimate maturity of the grapes. Often there is some noble botritis on the bunches, which you can feel in the deep fruitiness of the wines.

The grape varieties cultivated—Ribolla Gialla, Malvasia, and Friulano—thrive in this terroir, defining the unique character of Podversic’s wines.

Time plays a pivotal role in the winemaking process. Inspired by Josko Gravner, Podversic follows traditional methods, fermenting white wines in Slavonian oak vats with extended skin contact ( 2-3 months), allowing for gentle extraction of flavors and tannins. Minimal intervention is the mantra, with only a touch of SO2 added. His dedication to quality shines through in wines like Kaplja, a testament to his grandfather’s unrealized dream and his own relentless pursuit of winemaking excellence.
Nowadays Damijan’s daughter Tamara participates more and more in all the winemaking processes, experimenting, among other ideas, with part whole-bunch maceration.


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