In the heights of the Sierra Nevada Natural Park in Andalucía, Manuel Moreno and Sara Bertani defy the notion that sidra should only be crafted in the north of Spain or Brittany. Nestled 2000 meters above sea level at Cortijo Fuente Guijarro, their Sidra del Sur stands as a testament to the unexpected marriage of altitude and apple orchards.

Manuel and Sara embarked on this journey in 1998, rescuing an ancient orchard and planting an additional 500 trees, primarily prunus malus. To navigate some of the slopes, inaccessible to regular vehicles, a mule became their trusty companion for apple picking. The orchards, entirely organic, breathe life into indigenous old apple varieties, shunning any interventions in the cider-making process.

At 2000 meters, the harsh climate of Sierra Nevada, with its intense diurnal shifts, posed challenges. Yet, this environment, combined with bright acidic apples, imparts a unique delicacy to Sidra del Sur. Their commitment to purity shines through in their hands-on approach—handpicking apples nocturnally and transporting them by horse, meticulous inspections, and frequent removal of lees during fermentation.

The fruits of their labor materialize in exquisite ciders made as Ancestral (a pet-nat) and Classic (double fermentation in the bottle), made of apples and quince. Sidra del Sur’s limited production, around 10,000 bottles annually, reflects a dedication to detail. The slate and mica soils contribute to the refreshing, hydrating character that sets their ciders apart.


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