Dejan Kukanja’s vinery, located in Slovenia’s Karst region, is a family-owned establishment known for its commitment to producing quality wines that reflect the region’s terroir. With a history spanning generations, the Kukanja family has cultivated vineyards with care, benefiting from favorable growing conditions. The winemaking process at Kukanja emphasizes minimal intervention, allowing the grapes to naturally express their characteristics. Dejan works 2 hectares of the most typical varieties of the region (Vitovska, Malvasia, Terran and a little bit of Muscat), refusing usage of the chemicals in the vineyard. In his little historical cellar, hollowed out in the rocky grounds of the estate, he ages the wines in old oak barrels, only using little amount of sulfur when necessary before bottling; this is the only intervention done with the wine.

Dejan is also known in the region and among his friends as an excellent charcuterie-maker; for many years he used to breed and raise free-range pigs in a dedicated plot in the nearby forest. Attending a wine tasting in his home is always a feast.


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