Jaroslav Osička, a trailblazer in Czech natural winemaking, stands as a revered figure known for his pioneering contributions. Formerly a teacher in the regional viticulture academy for over 30 years, he played a crucial role in shaping the next generation of farmers and winemakers, emphasizing organics and minimal intervention.

Situated in Velké Bílovice, Moravia, Czech Republic, Jaroslav Osička’s family winery spans 3 hectares, where they prioritize organic farming, refusing usage of herbicides and pesticides. Embracing biodiversity, their efforts culminate in spontaneously fermented wines, free from artificial interventions or common additives. The vineyards, predominantly loess, dark soil, and brown, sandy soil.

In the cellar, Osička employs a minimal intervention mindset, viewing the winemaker as a guide, allowing the wines to develop based on their intrinsic character. The wines, aged in wooden barrels and occasionally stirred, undergo bottling without filtration. Influenced by Burgundy, the wines exude surprising weight, texture, and class, defying the cold climate of the region. From Chardonnay to Pinot Gris, each wine reflects the taste and tone of nature, a true embodiment of Osička’s commitment to authenticity and harmony with the land.

With a history dating back to the 17th century, the cellar in Velké Bílovice is a testament to Osička’s dedication to authentic winemaking. Marked by the letter A for Autentiste, his “natural wines” express a deep sense of place and belonging to Moravia. A unique maverick in the Czech natural winemaking scene, Osička’s wines are sought after globally.


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