In the southern Aube region lies Champagne house Petit Clergeot, where Paul-Bastien Clergeot embarked on his winemaking journey in 2017. Born from a desire for authenticity, his vineyards spread across eight hectares in Polisot, Les Riceys, Balnot sur Lagne, and even Montgueux.

Inspired by renowned figures like Roland Piollot, Paul-Bastien embraced organic farming methods, with certification anticipated from the 2021 harvest. His commitment to sustainability is evident, eschewing herbicides and synthetic products, instead opting for sulfur and copper treatments.

Bucking the traditional Champagne approach, Paul-Bastien vinifies plot by plot, grape variety by grape variety, and vintage by vintage. His dedication is reflected in his meticulous cellar practices, where he is using all juice pressed from the grapes (which in classic champagne practices is considered too vulgar, but whatever!), aging wines in different types of vats (barrels, various stainless steel tanks and even amphoras) and practicing zero-dosage low sulfur addition.

Despite the challenges, Paul-Bastien remains undeterred, cultivating his vineyards by hand and focusing on single-plot expressions and nurturing young vines in a protected forest nursery, ensuring their readiness for planting.

Paul-Bastien’s journey into winemaking is guided by a vision of clean, fresh wines that faithfully reflect their terroir. As he continues to craft his wines with minimal intervention, his creations stand as a testament to the potential of Champagne’s southern frontier.


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