In Brhlovce, where warm southern air converges with the cold from the Štiavnica Hills, Jan, the winemaker of Pivnica BRHLOVCE, found his calling. Childhood disregard for hard work in the family vineyards transformed into a winemaking legacy. Rejecting industrial practices, he crafts low-intervention wines, embodying the essence of each vintage.

The village of Brhlovce, famous for rock dwellings, hosts Jan’s small artisanal winery. Situated on the Ipeľ Hills below the Sitno volcano, the vineyards delve into the volcanic bedrock, creating a land of climatic contrasts. The Sitno stratovolcano shapes the landscape, and Brhlovce lives on the edge of climatic worlds.

Jan’s wines, echoing terroir and vintage nuances, showcase the region’s geology. Vineyards on tuffs and andesites absorb the volcanic subsoil’s essence. The cellar, located in historic caves, resonates with ancestral winemaking traditions.

Pivnica Brhlovce, with an annual production of around 20,000 bottles, follows natural fermentation and minimal intervention. Jan, capturing the unique energy of Brhlovce, lets the wines express themselves, creating a diverse range that mirrors each vintage’s essence. Today, Pivnica Brhlovce stands as a testament to community, tradition, and the enduring spirit of artisanal winemaking.


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