Nestled in the heart of Slovakia, the village of Čajkov cradles a winemaking saga dating back to 1666. Bestowed with a seal by the Archbishop of Esztergom, a family gained the privilege to trade in wine and agriculture, laying the foundation for a legacy deeply embedded in the fertile soils of Čajkov.
Across generations, this family cultivated a profound bond with the land, nurturing a viticultural tradition passed down through time. Marek, the youngest scion, captivated by the allure of the vineyards, embraced the family’s passion and pursued winemaking studies in Modra and later at Mendel University in Brno.
Under Marek’s stewardship, the family’s vineyards in Na Múrach, Sádowie, and Slávičie údolie flourished, enriched by the volcanic soil of the Sitno region. In the cellar, Marek revealed ancient walls, embracing the simplicity of winemaking—a return to tradition, where each bottle became a vessel for storytelling. Grapes are grown organically and vinified without interventions until bottling, when – if necessary – they receive a dash of sulfur.
He uncovered the essence of wine in harmonizing with nature, valuing terroir, and embracing each vintage’s unique qualities. Pesecká leánka, a once-overlooked native grape, took center stage in his story. Amidst the shadows of Soviet occupation, cloaking the region, the rich tapestry of cooperative viticulture’s tradition and knowledge unraveled. Nonetheless, Marek emerged as a pioneer, revitalizing time-honored methods and fostering a personal, terroir-driven winemaking ethos.
In the company of like-minded vintners, he co-founded “Wines From Under the Volcano,” tirelessly championing the forgotten region and its hidden treasures.
Through unwavering dedication, Marek’s efforts bore fruit, earning the recognition and appreciation that had long eluded the region. Today, the wines of Pivnica Čajkov grace tables worldwide, including Michelin-starred restaurants, a testament to Marek’s commitment to restoring the viticultural legacy and unveiling the distinct character of the region’s wines to a global audience.


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