Eduard Pié Palomar, born in 1985 in Bonastre (Tarragona), hails from a family deeply rooted in agriculture. His journey into the world of oenology and viticulture began early, later complemented by studies in sommeliership and wine marketing.

Eduard Pié’s journey into winemaking began in 2003 when he revived the family’s tradition of crafting bulk wines while working at Jané Ventura, a historic Penedés winery. Balancing work and studies, he matured his winery project, eventually realizing the Sicus project in 2010.
Nestled at the southern edge of the Penedès, amidst the Massís de Bonastre mountains, SICUS vineyards benefit from a Mediterranean climate: situated at an elevation of 230 meters, with the invigorating touch of a sea breeze, mere 6 km away.
Eduard’s philosophy revolves around cultivating vineyards in harmony with nature, eschewing herbicides and insecticides to preserve the surrounding biodiversity. The chalky soils, shallow and rich in minerals, form the foundation for SICUS wines, expressing the unique terroir of the landscape.

SICUS embodies Eduard’s commitment to minimal intervention winemaking, allowing the essence of the land to shine through in each bottle. His approach emphasizes respect for the environment and a deep connection to the land.

Eduard’s project epitomizes the interplay between sea and mountain, reflected in the salinity of the soil and the freshness of the air. With a focus on single plots, SICUS wines exhibit acidity, moderate alcohol content, and maturity—a testament to the terroir and landscape of the Mediterranean.

Throughout the summer, Eduard hosts regular super-fun gatherings in his vineyards, where he invites local chefs to prepare meals for guests while pouring his wines. Additionally, he takes care of numerous adopted animals and actively supports animal shelters in the area.


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