Sandi Škerk, operating in the Carso appellation of Friuli near the Slovenian border, stands out for his unique winemaking philosophy and commitment to natural practices. His vineyards, located just 500 meters from the Slovenian border, benefit from the limestone-rich, reddish, and stony soils of the region, producing high-quality grapes. Despite the challenging conditions, Škerk cultivates approximately six hectares of vineyards with great care and traditional winemaking methods.

Škerk’s winemaking process is entirely natural, reflecting his deep respect for the environment and his desire to honor his grandfather’s winemaking techniques. Inspired by his grandfather’s approach, which included extended skin contact for white wines to minimize the need for sulfur dioxide (SO2) as a preservative, Škerk employs similar methods to create his wines. This involves minimal intervention both in the vineyards and the winery, allowing the grapes to express themselves fully.

The Skerk wines are characterized by impressive clarity, balance, and depth on the palate, showcasing the unique terroir of the region. Indigenous white grape varieties such as Terrano, Malvasia, and Vitovska are utilized, often with skin contact to create Orange Wines. Oak is used for fermentation and aging, contributing to the wines’ texture and richness. The resulting wines are flavorful, characterful, and exhibit a distinctive minerality that sets them apart.

Despite the arid and challenging conditions of the region, Škerk’s commitment to sustainable practices shines through. His vineyards are cultivated organically, and invasive treatments are prohibited. The cellar, carved into the rock, provides an ideal environment for aging the wines in oak barrels, maintaining proper temperature and humidity balance.

In summary, Sandi Škerk’s wines from the Friuli region are a testament to his dedication to natural winemaking and his deep connection to the land. With each bottle, Škerk invites wine enthusiasts to experience the unique flavours and expressions of the Carso terroir, reflecting the harmony between man and nature.


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