Syfany, a family winery in Vrbice, is a labor of love run by Jakub Zborovský and his wife Kája. While managing a huge vegetable-producing farm, they follow the passion for pure winemaking. Their commitment to nature and biodiversity is evident in their vineyards (10 hectares), meticulously cared for in Vrbica. The winery showcases ancestral winemaking methods and a focus on the ideal combination of grape varieties and subsoil.

With grapes sourced only from their vineyards exhibit distinct characteristics. Fermenting spontaneously, the wines mature in acacia barrels made of local wood for about 10 months, embracing low-intervention procedures. Stainless steel tanks are used for lighter series, maintaining the natural essence.

Syfany embodies locality, sourcing materials from the area and adhering to the “no added agents” principle. Jakub’s commitment extends beyond organics, emphasizing experimentation with small batches and unique cuvées. Their wines, like Krátký, Úlehle, or Skale, stand out in the market, showcasing a blend of tradition and innovative approaches. Syfany’s dedication to preserving the land, community, and pushing the boundaries of winemaking sets them apart, earning admiration and respect. The wines are remarkably stable, and every year there is some new blend or cuvee that is being made following the vintage.


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