On the slopes of Etna volcano, the TRE.MI.LA little winery (acronym of the three family villages and the beginning of the project: Trecastagni, Milo, Lavinaio) emerges as a family endeavor rooted in generations of viticultural passion. The project, run by Gloria Di Paolo – an architect by the main occupation – materialized in 2018, culminating in the inaugural bottling of 3000 bottles in 2019. With vineyards nestled on the eastern and southern flanks of the volcano, TRE.MI.LA meticulously tends to mainly Catarratto, Carricante, Nerello Mascalese and Alicante Bouschet grapes, employing naturally occurring sulfur and zeolite sparingly to harness the fertile volcanic soil’s potential.

Adhering to biodynamic principles,TRE.MI.LA preserves the integrity of the land, eschewing modifications to the original terraces. Through manual labor and green manure cultivation, Gloria upholds the sanctity of the terroir, working in harmony with nature. In her urban cellar, vinification occurs spontaneously, guided by the endemic yeasts inherent to their grapes, and the aging takes place mainly in stainless steel with portions aged in glass vessels and an acacia barrel. Embracing the biodynamic calendar, wines are bottled without filtration or clarification, each bottle a pure expression of its vineyard and district.


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