Riesling 14/18 2014


Riesling 14/18 2014


1-2 days skin contact, aged in old oak barrels.

Serious aged wine with young energy. Herbal hints, very good acidity, dusty character, medium body with solid structure.

Riesling 14/18 2014


complex, mineral, gastronomic

Producer Svetik
Region and Country Nitra, Slovakia
Color White
Vintage 2014
Tags complex, gastronomic, Mineral
Grapes Riesling
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Nitra Slovakia

Nestled in the historical town of Levice, set against the backdrop of Slovakia's southern hills, the rich tapestry of this medieval town has witnessed transitions across empires and borders. Having traversed the realms of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, endured a Turkish occupation, and eventually finding a home within the Slovakian borders since 1993, Levice now reveals its enigmatic character through the lens of winemaker Ján Svetík.

Belonging to the Nitra wine region, Levice boasts a volcanic terroir shaped by tuff, rhyolite, and andesite—gifts from an ancient stratovolcano. Ján, the torchbearer of the Svetík winemaking legacy, cultivates vineyards on these hills. His hands-on, rustic winemaking philosophy, devoid of modern machinery and processes, intertwines seamlessly with the high minerality of the volcanic soils, yielding wines brimming with flavor, depth, and vibrant acidity. He works with Riesling, Pinot blanc, Grüner Veltlíner, St. Laurent, Blaufränkisch, Alibernet, Pesecka Leanka.

Ján's unassuming demeanor belies his profound impact on the Slovakian winemaking landscape. Over two decades ago, in an industrialized region oblivious to low-intervention practices, he embraced a quiet, under-the-radar approach, with that philosophy being originated intrinsically, not as a result of trends or formal education.Today, the younger generation of winemakers in the region views him as a teacher and a wellspring of inspiration.

Working in solitude within his catacomb-like winery, where time takes precedence and some barrels even from 2009 patiently await their moment, Ján crafts wines that reflect the essence of time itself. His labels, strokes marking the passage of time, become a visual testimony to his patient winemaking philosophy. Beyond the cellar, Ján extends his passion to the old castle of Levice, hosting the one and only for the all Nitra region natural wine bar Rotunda, playing vinyls and offering fine local snacks next to his wines.

In the realm of Ján Svetík, spontaneity defines fermentation, minimal sulfur finds its place, and all wines embrace a vegan ethos—a testament to the unwavering commitment to craft and tradition.



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