Baliverne 2022


Baliverne 2022


Vines planted in 1950. Foot stomped. Maceration in an open tank with a little daily hand pressing. Bottled 19/07/2023

Baliverne 2022


zero added sulfur

Producer Deboutbertin
Region and Country Loire, France
Color Red
Vintage 2022
Tags zero added sulfur
Grapes Grolleau
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Loire, Anjou France

Wine growers since 2012, Stephanie Debou and Vincent Bertin are running 3 hectares of vines distributed among meadows, an orchard and hedgerows, following the organic agriculture methods.

Located in Faye d'Anjou they work on 7 vines plots with 4 different varieties.

Their main focus is towards the Chenin, Pineau d'Aunis and Grolleau varieties along with some Cabernet Franc to a lesser extent, growing on 7 different plots, from 25 to 90 years old.
All labor (pruning, disbudding, trimming…) is manual except for plowing which is carried out with the help of a horse and sometimes a little old Renault tractor inherited from the grandfather.

Handmade harvest, drastic sorting of grapes, slow vertical pressuring, indigenous yeast for fermentation and the juices being moved by gravity.

Without intervention, the wines spend 12 months with their dregs and put in bottles without filtration nor sulfites.
Red grapes are foot stomped in a maceration vat. Depending on the year, the maceration is between 8 and 15 days in an open tank with a little daily hand pressing.
White grapes go directly to the press and the juice goes to the barrel. Between the vines and the bottle, no product or additive is used. The wines are only grapes juices 100%.

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