Bucio 2022


Bucio 2022

Bodega Marzagana Elementales

Vines from the altitude of 1300 meters above sea level. Macerated for 90 days, free run juice collected and aged in dame-johns (glass jars). Bottled unfiltered and unclarified, without any additives.

Pretty elegant orange wine with polite aromatics, pronounced minerality, soft tannins, light body. Hints of herbs, dried citrus zest, salt.

Bucio 2022


mineral, volcanic, zero sulfur

Producer Bodega Marzagana Elementales
Region and Country Tenerife, Spain
Color Orange
Vintage 2022
Tags Mineral, volcanic, zero sulfur
Grapes Listán Blanco
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Bodega Marzagana Elementales

Tenerife Spain

Marzagana Elementales, a family-owned winery nestled on the northern slope of the largest island in the archipelago, has been passionately crafting natural wines since 2017. Rooted in a commitment to authenticity, they deny the use of additives, relying instead on healthy native grapes and yeasts for their creations.

Working 3.5 hectares of volcanic soils in La Orotava, Tenerife, Claudio Miguel Luis Lorenzo, the driving force behind Marzagana Elementales, embodies a dedication to biodynamic agriculture and minimal intervention winemaking. Guided by ancient agricultural practices inherited from local peasants, Claudio's vineyards, some boasting vines over 250 years old, thrive without the aid of heavy machinery, as the rugged terrain prohibits their use.

Embracing centuries of tradition while incorporating biodynamic principles, Marzagana Elementales cultivates a diverse array of grape varieties, including Albillo criollo, Listán blanco, Listán Negro, Negramoll, and Syrah, among others. With manual harvests and bottling according to the biodynamic calendar, their wines reflect the unique terroir of Tenerife, expressing the essence of the island's volcanic soils and maritime influence.

At the heart of Marzagana Elementales' philosophy lies a commitment to crafting "live wines" that reflect the purity of their surroundings. Claudio's meticulous care extends to the cellar, where he ages one red wine (“Pinarius”) in an old traditional pine tree barrel, imparting distinctive organoleptic characteristics. The rest of the wines are usually aged shortly (3-4 to 9 months ) in old oak and chestnut barrels in order to let the wines express the unique volcanic terroir fully.

As a pioneer in Tenerife's uncompromising natural wine movement, Claudio's vision for Marzagana Elementales transcends winemaking—it's a testament to harmonizing with nature, preserving heritage, and paving the way for a sustainable future in viticulture. With each bottle, Marzagana Elementales invites wine enthusiasts to savor the essence of Tenerife, encapsulated in every sip of their authentic, terroir-driven wines.

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