Chardonnay "La Tour" 2022


Chardonnay "La Tour" 2022

Eric Goypieron

Grapes from La Tour vineyard. Direct press, vinified "ouille" in stainless steel and in old oak barrels.

White wine in recognisable Jura’s style: with pronounced minerality, sharp acidity and elegant Chardonnay character.

Chardonnay “La Tour” 2022


zero added sulfur, mineral

Producer Eric Goypieron
Region and Country Jura, France
Color White
Vintage 2022
Tags Mineral, zero added sulfur
Grapes chardonnay
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Eric Goypieron

Jura France

Eric Goypieron ventured into crafting exceptional wines in the Jura region in 2011, leaving behind his previous career at the age of 40. Driven by passion and a firm belief in authenticity, Eric departed from the confines of the Jura appellation to explore a more genuine expression of his craft. Learning from respected figures like Jacques Puffernay and Michel Gahier, he adopted organic farming methods, tending to his two hectares of vines with meticulous care.

Fuelled by determination, Eric launched his winemaking venture after completing his BPREA VITCOLE in Beaune. Starting with rented vines, he meticulously tended to them, aspiring to create wines that mirrored his values. Planting 1,500 Savagnin vines in the heart of the Château-Chalon vineyard marked the beginning of his organic farming journey.

Eric's commitment to sustainability permeates every aspect of his operation. Working alone in the vineyard and in the cellar, manually, from harvest to bottling, he prioritises quality over quantity, denying additives and preservatives. Wines are aged partly in stainless steel tanks, and partly in old oak barrels. Barrels, in turn, are partly topped up, and partly not - in order to let the flor (veil of yeasts) develop on the surface of the liquid inside the barrel to produce wine in characteristic “oxidative” style. Depending on the harvest some Van de Liqueur (white from Chardonnay and red - from Poulsard) are sometimes also being used.

Producing wines under the "Vin de France" designation, he rebels against the constraints of the Jura appellation whale working traditional local varieties - Chardonnay, Savagnin, Poulsard, and Trousseau. Eric's wines are characterised by the elegant salty and tart profile. With each bottle, he invites enthusiasts to explore the flavours of the Jura region, guided by his commitment to authenticity.

Eric’s tiny winery is located in the basement of the charming guesthouse, which he runs together with his wife.


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