Garnatxa de l'Oriol 2023


Garnatxa de l'Oriol 2023


Sour beer made with skins of Garnacha grapes (red) from Oriol Artigas winery.

Nicely acidic beer of dark-pink colour with red fruit and grape hints, light-bodied, easy going.

Garnatxa de l’Oriol 2023



Producer Cyclic
Region and Country Catalunya, Spain
Color Beer
Alcohol 4,2%
Vintage 2023
Tags fruity, Sour beer
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Catalunya, Barcelona, Catalunya, Barcelona Spain

Founded in 2016 in Barcelona, Cyclic Beer Farm is not just a brewery; it's a dedication to the art of cultivating mixed fermentation beer and an evolving venture exploring the realms of fruit fermentations and wines.

Specialising in the production of mixed fermentation wild ales, Cyclic draws inspiration from the rich tapestry of traditional Belgian beers. At the heart of their brewing alchemy is a proprietary house blend of yeast and bacteria, supplemented by experimental yeast sourced from the local flora. The result is a collection of beers that mirror the open and lively expressions found in naturally fermented wines.

Seasonality and locality are paramount to Cyclic's ethos. Brewing in harmony with the harvest, the brewery harnesses the flavours of local organic fruit, vegetables, and herbs, some of which find their origins in the family farm just outside Barcelona.

The driving forces behind Cyclic Beer Farm are Alberto and Joshua, co-owners with a passion for crafting exceptional brews. Originating from small batches created for Alberto's bar, the brewery quickly scaled up. Joshua, influenced by a family heritage steeped in fermentation, brought a wealth of experience, from foraging fruits to brewing in London at Redemption Brewing. Amidst their brewing endeavours, Alberto and Joshua, both surf enthusiasts, eagerly await the end of mobility restrictions to catch the waves of the Atlantic. The synergies between Cyclic's approach to brewing and the world of small wine producers have led to the creation of "wine ales," further bridging the gap between beer and wine.
The brewery's commitment to sustainability is evident in its beers, with 95% being organic. This commitment extends beyond beer into the realms of organic wines and ciders, resulting in unique and natural beverages.

Cyclic Beer Farm has successfully exported its beers worldwide, sharing the distinctive flavours born out of Barcelona.

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