Malvasia 2017


Malvasia 2017


14 days maceration on skins, aged in oak barrels for 2 years. Dash of sulphur added before bottling.

Malvasia 2017


Producer Zidarich
Region and Country Carso, Italy
Color Orange
Vintage 2017
Grapes Malvasia
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Carso, Friuli Italy

In the rugged landscape of Carso, Italy, nestled amidst the rolling hills and rocky terrain, lies the humble yet extraordinary winery of Benjamin Zidarich. Carved out of the ancient limestone, Zidarich Winery stands as a testament to tradition, passion, and innovation in winemaking.

Benjamin Zidarich, a visionary winemaker, inherited his love for the land and its fruits from his ancestors, who tended vineyards in Carso for generations. Inspired by their legacy, Benjamin embarked on a journey to create wines that captured the essence of this unique terroir.

At the heart of Zidarich Winery is a deep respect for nature and a commitment to organic and biodynamic farming practices. The vineyards, meticulously cared for by Benjamin and his team, yield grapes of exceptional quality, imbued with the character and complexity of the Carso region.

In the cellar, Benjamin's approach to winemaking is guided by intuition and tradition. With minimal intervention, he allows the grapes to express themselves fully, fermenting and aging the wines in large oak barrels and amphorae sourced from local artisans.

The result is a portfolio of wines that reflect the soul of Carso – elegant, nuanced, and full of vitality. From the mineral-driven Malvasia and Vitovska to the bold and structured Terrano, each bottle tells a story of the land and the people who tend it.

But Zidarich Winery is more than just a producer of fine wines; it is a beacon of sustainability and community. Benjamin's commitment to environmental stewardship extends beyond the vineyard, with initiatives to reduce waste, conserve water, and support biodiversity.

Visitors to Zidarich Winery are greeted with warm hospitality and a genuine love for sharing the beauty of Carso and its wines. Guided tours offer a glimpse into the winemaking process, from vine to bottle, while tastings allow guests to savor the fruits of Benjamin's labor.

As the sun sets over the Carso horizon, casting a golden glow upon the vineyards, one cannot help but feel the magic of Zidarich Winery – a place where tradition meets innovation, and the spirit of the land is celebrated in every glass.


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