Mañana Ancestral 2017


Mañana Ancestral 2017

Fernando Angulo

Palomino, Moscatel, Tempranillo, Tintilla. Fermented in inox. 15 months in stacks.

Mañana Ancestral 2017


Producer Fernando Angulo
Region and Country Jerez, Andalucia
Color Bubbles
Vintage 2017
Grapes Palomino
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Fernando Angulo

Andalucia, Jerez Spain

In the Andalusian town of Sanlúcar de Barrameda, known for its sherry production, Fernando Angulo - a true maverick, is rewriting the narrative of the sherry triangle with his thoughtful and original wines. Originally hailing from Ronda, Fernando's journey into the world of wine began in his youth, evolving into roles as a scholar, journalist, and importer. In 2012, captivated by the rich history of sherry and its significance to Andalucía, he moved to Sanlúcar, envisioning the potential of uniting grape and place, celebrated for centuries.

In the hills outside Sanlúcar, Palomino vines thrive on the iconic off-white albariza soils, mainly chalk. These soils, retaining water long after rainfall, become the canvas for the vines to endure the intense summer heat, imparting invigorating minerals to the resulting wines. Nestled in 'La Charanga,' a prized parcel within Pago Mahina, Fernando, after a decade of exploration, settled on a hectare and a half of old vines, believing it to be the finest in the region (there are also other fine vineyards - Confitero, Las Alegrías, Campeonissio, Calderin - he’s working with, giving names to the cuvees). The warm, arid climate and the persistent Levante wind allow him to work organically, letting nature thrive.

In the bodega, a self-taught Fernando follows his intuition and convictions to produce genre-defying wines. Patiently aging sparkling wines sur lie and sherries in large, old botas for extended periods, he disgorges or fills bottles in small lots only when he deems the wine ready.

Crafted in limited quantities with no additives (strictly!), Fernando's wines exude striking purity, offering a unique perspective on the region. Gently saline, luminous, and fine, they stand apart from the conventional, showcasing Sanlúcar in a different light.

Fernando Angulo is more than a winemaker; he's an artist of the wine world, using free thinking to create art-like wines. This uniqueness extends to his unconventional winemaking practices. Despite the eccentricity of his methods, the wines he produces are remarkably light and delicate, defying expectations and offering a glimpse into another dimension.

Fernando Angulo's journey from Ronda to Sanlúcar is more than a geographical shift; it's a transformation of tradition and an exploration of possibilities. His wines, thoughtful and original, are not just a product of winemaking; they are an expression of artistry and rebellion against the conventional norms of the sherry triangle.

Fernando keeps writing articles about wine to the local journal, dare to dive in his radical ideas in "Valencia Plaza" digital magazine.

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