Merlot 2018


Merlot 2018


Aged in stainless steel.


Merlot 2018


Producer Toral
Region and Country Granada, Spain
Color Red
Vintage 2018
Grapes Merlot
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Andalucia, Granada, Sierra-Nevada Spain

Nestled in the village in the mountains of Sierra Nevada, where half of the population (including the winemaker's parents) still lives in traditional houses embedded in the caves, Bodega Toral tells a tale of viticultural passion and dedication. Spanning not more than 4 hectares, their vineyards boast an eclectic mix of up to 10 grape varieties, including the remarkable Torrontés, a resilient survivor of phylloxera recovered from an ancient plantation.

Situated at an altitude of 1100 meters above sea level, the vineyards thrive in clay, silt, and boulders, benefitting from the underground aquifers fed by the melting waters of the Sierra Nevada. The unique terroir, coupled with a commitment to chemical-free cultivation, imparts exclusivity to their wines.

Pepe is the founder, and his son Pablo with his wife Noelia, the industrious couple at the helm. Former engineers turned winemakers, their journey began as a familial endeavor, evolving into a flourishing business by 2022. They embody a spirit of constant learning, navigating through the complexities of vine cultivation, winemaking, and the art of crafting exceptional wines.

At Bodega Toral, the hands-on approach is evident in every step, from the meticulous care of the vineyards, devoid of any chemical additives, to the rigorous winter pruning that sets the stage for quality grapes. Rejecting conventional practices, they've ventured into experimental wines, including the challenging ice wine and the intriguing carbonic maceration.

The annual output of almost 5,000 bottles showcases the diversity of their 10 grape varieties, resulting in 8 distinct wines, with some still in the experimental phase. What sets Bodega Toral apart is their unwavering commitment to minimal intervention. The wines bear the remnants of their own lees, a testament to their unfiltered, natural winemaking philosophy.

The labels themselves are not mere adornments; they are stories. Serendipity, a 100% Torrontés, narrates the rediscovery of a native variety. Luna de Abril (“April Moon”), a blend of Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and Moscatel, reflects their meticulous pruning strategy. Each label, from Rosado Toral to Atrapasuenos (“Dreamcatcher”), unveils a unique facet of their winemaking journey.

Bodega Toral is not just a winery; it's an odyssey of passion, experimentation, and a commitment to crafting wines that reflect the essence of Granada. In every bottle, they invite you to savor the fruits of their labor, a harmonious blend of tradition, innovation, and a deep love for the craft.


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