Natur Ryšák "On leaves" 2022


Natur Ryšák "On leaves" 2022


Moderate perfumey aromatics beautifully balanced by freshness, minerality and soft pleasant tannins. Drinkable orange wine that is easy to fall in love with.
WHY “ON LEAVES”?Petr (the producer) spotted mentioning of adding dried leaves of the vines in the fermentation tank in an old book about winemaking in South Moravia. He tried it once and noticed that it adds some nice extra acidity, herbal character and particular tannins while protecting the wine from getting spoiled.

Natur Ryšák “On leaves” 2022


soft, drinkable, herbal

Producer Korab
Region and Country Moravia, Czech Republic
Color Orange
Vintage 2022
Tags drinkable, herbal, soft
Grapes Gewürztraminer, Hibernal
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Moravia Czech Republic

Established in 2006, Korab's Winery, a Moravian family endeavor in Boleradice, focuses on cultivating grapes from ancient vineyards, emphasizing spontaneous fermentation and authenticity. Managing nearly 4 hectares of vineyards, including 84-year-old plots, the winery embraces organic practices and strives to rediscover forgotten winemaking traditions.

Led by Petr Korab (former cook and an , the winery follows a biodynamic approach, cultivating vines on diverse subsoils for red and white grape varieties. Korab's commitment to minimalism extends to winemaking, avoiding additives and letting the vineyards dictate the process.

Petr Korab's playful spirit is showcased in a unique anecdote involving goats, reflecting the winemaker's unconventional approach. The cellar, resembling a child's drawing, serves as the backdrop for tastings, highlighting Korab's dedication to controlled minimalism.

The wines, from lively pet-nats like Lemonade to profound reds like Saint Laurent, capture Korab's artistry. Noteworthy is the Orange Future Sekt, a traditional sparkling wine with white peach and brioche flavors, poised for graceful aging.

Beyond the cellar, Korab's Winery prioritizes sustainability and community impact, leading the "Autentisté!" group - a local formation of like-minded winemakers. As a beacon of pure Moravian winemaking, Korab's Winery harmonizes tradition, experimentation, and a deep connection to the land, producing captivating wines that honor the region's heritage.


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