Rosé vom Opok 2020


Rosé vom Opok 2020

Roland Tauss

Direct gentle press and aging 1 year in oak barrels.

Prominently mineral impression, with electric energy and freshness, polite strawberry aromas, very nice acidity and light body.

Rosé vom Opok 2020


mineral, sharp, electric

Producer Roland Tauss
Region and Country South Styria, Austria
Color Rose
Vintage 2020
Tags electric, Mineral, sharp
Grapes Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot
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Roland Tauss

South Styria (Südsteiermark) Austria

In the village of Schlossberg, Southern Styria, Austria, lies the Tauss winery, a testament to the transformative power of biodynamic winemaking. Roland Tauss took over the family winery in 1991, initially following conventional farming practices. However, a restlessness and dissatisfaction with the similarity of their wines to others led them on a journey towards biodynamics.

The philosophy at Tauss revolves around perceiving nature as a living, authentic essence, respecting the mineral, plant, animal, and water world. Their commitment to biodynamics started in 2005, a decision that shifted their winemaking paradigm. The vineyard area, covering 5.8 hectares of the total 14.5-hectare estate, is managed with certified organic and biodynamic practices (Demeter, since 2010).

The unique Opok soils - calcareous, loamy sandy soil from yellow-brown to blue-gray, which substances - rocky clay, silt and chalky marl subsoil - were pressed together without the heat (the word OPOK means something like “packed together”), contribute to the distinct character of their wines (Welschriesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Weissburgunder). Wines from Opok-line are aged for just 1 year in oak barrels for more sharp, direct expression.

The steep slopes of Honehegg vineyards (upper areas) have a larger sand content and host Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot, Grauburgunder and Rotertraminer, producing wines marked as H-line, which are more complex, herbal in expression and mature for two to three years in the wooden barrels. On top of the vineyards there is a chapel dedicated to St. Urban, the patron saint of winemakers, which reflects the deep connection between the forces above and the vineyard below.

Roland's dedication to biodynamics extends beyond the vineyard into the cellar, where minimal intervention is the key. Natural yeast, neutral oak barrels, and the absence of fining and filtration are fundamental to their winemaking philosophy.

The transition to biodynamics not only brought changes to the vineyards but also sparked the formation of the "Schmecke das Leben" community (translates as “taste of life”). Roland, along with fellow winemakers like Sepp Muster and Ewald Tscheppe, embarked on a shared journey of exploration, exchanging ideas and experiences. This community emphasizes a holistic understanding of nature, fostering a network of like-minded farmers across Europe.

Roland's ex-wife, Alice, runs a fully eco-friendly hotel on the Tauss property, complementing the winery's commitment to sustainability. The partners' shared passion for a balanced and harmonious approach to life is evident not only in their wines but also in the yoga retreats offered at their Bed & Breakfast.


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